General Questions

In this page we try to answer the most common questions from the tourists who are going to visit Iran.

You can find the most common FAQ bellow. If you dont find the right answer or your question is not along the listed questions contact us and we'll answer you within minutes!


Do Women have clothing limitations in Iran?
Yes of course. Women must wear the tunic, loose pants, and scarf.
Do men have clothing limitations in Iran?
Not that serious, Men can wear everything except short pants.
Do women have to dress in Chador?
Not at all, women should wear the tunics and scarf, not chador.
What if women headscarf falls down?
Nothing serious, just cover it up again.
Is it allowed to make up or wear sunglasses?
Makeup is not forbidden in Iran, but try not to use it so severely. There are no limitations on sunglasses in each kind.
Is it possible to enjoy alcoholic beverage?
No, it’s not. Any kinds of alcoholic beverage are forbidden in Iran.
Is it possible to bring an alcoholic beverage to Iran?
No, it’s not. No one is allowed to bring alcoholic beverages to Iran.
Is it safe to drink the water from the tap?
Of course, it is, but to be more assured, drink bottled mineral waters.
Where can the bottled mineral waters be found?
The whole restaurants, supermarkets, and hypermarkets have different brands of bottled mineral water.
Is it possible to find any vegetarian food in Iran?
Not that extended, but some restaurants provide the vegetarian foods
Is it allowed to eat pork meat in Iran?
No, it’s not, based on Islamic roles of Iran, eating pork meat is forbidden.
Is it possible to find any fast food and traditional restaurants in Iran?
Of course, it is, where ever you go, you can find a fast food or a traditional restaurant in Iran.
What is the traditional beverage in Iran?
Buttermilk which is called “ Doogh”. It is available in carbonated and non-carbonated kind.
Is there coffee in Iran?
Of course, it is, You can find it in coffee shops and tea houses within Iranian big cities or at your hotel.
What kind of bread do the Iranians have?
As bread in one of the main components of Iranian food, many different types of bread is available through the bakeries.
What is the Iranian currency?
Iranian official currency is Rial while through daily life Toman is getting used. Each Toman is equivalent to 10 Rials.
Where can I exchange money?
You can exchange your money in any legal exchange houses. In addition, some carpet and handicraft shops are also available to exchange your money.
How to find out about the exchange rates?
The exchange rates may change quite often, but it is possible to find out the exchange rates at any bank.
Is it possible to pay by a credit card?
No, it’s not. It’s not possible to use any credit cards including Visa, Master and etc.
How should we provide the money for our expenses?
You can just bring cash with yourself.
Is it safe to carry cash while exploring Iran?
Of course, it is but should take care of it to pretend the risk of rubbery.
What are the transportation tools of Iran?
Iranian transportation tools are: Flight, Train, Bus, Ferry
Is there any private transportation tools in Iran?
Of course, it is. A wide range of cars from normal sedan cars to the VIP buses are available to be used through private services.
Is there any car rental company in Iran?
Yes, of course, many private car rentals are available in Iran rendering different types of cars to the tourists with some specific rules.
Where to get Iran visa upon arrival?
Obtaining Visa upon arrival is possible through Iranian international airports including Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, and Tabriz.
How to get insurance for traveling to Iran?
In order to obtain the visa upon arrival, you should get your insurance at the airport and if you’re applying for the visa through an Iranian agency, in advance, you can buy it at the collection point including embassy or airport or you can buy it from the agency.
How should I pay for the services?
You can pay the money to zandiyeh gasht’s international bank accounts in Sharjah.
Can I smoke a cigarette in public?
You’re allowed to smoke in public except for public transportations, some restaurants, malls, and cinema.
As an unmarried couple, can we share a room in hotels?
Yes, of course, no one cares about your relationship status as a tourist. You can share the rooms with no concern.
How much are the entrance fees to museums and monuments?
Most of the entrance fee is about 200,000 rials.
How much will cost a mid-range meal in Iran?
A mid-range meal in Iran costs about 5$ to 15$.
What is the weather like in Iran?
It depends on the geographical location that you’ve chosen to visit. Iran has a variable climate. In summer, the weather can be cool as well as warm, and in the cold winters, it can be mild. In the northwest, winters are cold with heavy snowfall and subfreezing temperatures during December and January. Spring and fall are relatively mild, while summers are dry and hot. Very high temperatures can be experienced along the Persian Gulf and Oman. A small area along the Caspian coast has a very different climate, where rainfall is heaviest from late summer to mid-winter but falls throughout the year.
When is zandiyeh gasht consultant team available by email?
We’re available 24 hours a day/ 3 days a week to provide you with the whole needed items to know.
Is it allowed to take carpets as souvenirs?
Yes, of course, each person can take two pieces of the rug (each rug should be the 6meters maximum).
Is it possible to drive a car with an International License? 
Yes, of course, every tourist can rent a car and enjoy driving through vast Iran by holding an international driving license.
As a British, American or Canadian passport holder, what are the rules to apply for the visa?
You should join a guided tour package with the whole prefixed components by a single travel agency. In addition, American passport holders should provide a CV.
Does Iranian free-zones need a visa?
Iranian free zones including Kish, Qeshm and etc don’t need a visa to enter.