SIM Card and Mobile services

When you travel to Iran you don’t need to be worry about internet and sim card during your visit to Iran. Iran have good and strong telecommunication network around the country. There are many service providers that give ready to use sim card in Iran. Among them you can find different service provides that give you different kind of calling and internet plans to use as per as your need.

Iranian Local SIM Cards will help you to be in touch with your family, friends or anyone else through phone calls or access to high speed internet where ever where you go in Iran. zandiyeh gasht will provide Iranian local SIM card through your services, if you require. In order to use Iranian Local SIM cards in Iran, you can ask you tour guide to provide you one.

the SIM Card you will have its provide you to make phone calls and text messages while using 3G and 4G Internet. Don’t forget to bring an unlocked cell phone with yourself in order to use the Iranian local SIM Cards, otherwise, it won’t be possible for you. Now reading sim card you may have some questions in your mind so below we will try to clarify most of them for you:




Q: What kind of sim cards in Iran I can use?

A: When you travel to Iran you can find 2 different kind of sim cards here.

  • Data sim card (that Iran sim card allow you to use internet 3G/4G only, no calls)
  • Normal sim card (that Iran sim card allow you to use internet 3G/4G, local and international calls)  


Q: Which Iran sim card provider give this kind of sim cards?

A: Most of all Iran sim card provider give this kind of sim cards.


Q: What is the size of sim cards in Iran?

A: Iran sim card comes in 3 sizes, Normal, Micro, Nano you can use anyone of them as per as your mobile phone requirements.



Q: What is the name of Iran sim card companies?

A: When you visit Iran you can find many sim card providers in Iran such as MTN Irancell, Hamrah Aval, and Rightel are biggest service provider in Iran that give good service network around the country.


Q: Service network is always strong and available around the country?

A: most of time yes but if you visit to some remote area that is far from mobile network range so you lose service network for short time. You can also use this sim cards outside Iran if you continue traveling to the other countries in the region.


Q: Emergency calls are free through sim cards?

A: Yes, in any kind of emergency you can make free calls to police, ambulance, fire department and etc.


Q: What are the emergency service numbers in Iran?

A: Police – 110, Ambulance – 115, Fire Department – 125


Q: When I visit Iran can I bring my local sim card to Iran and use it in international roaming?

A: Yes, you can bring your local sim from your home country but while you travel to Iran and use your local sim card from your home country but it will cost a more due to international roaming charges.


Q: What is the cost of Iran sim card?

A: The cost of sim card in Iran start from 10 $ approximate depends on service providers call and internet package.


Q: When I visit Iran can I buy sim card in Tehran airport?

A: Yes, you can buy Iran sim card from Tehran airport at Sim Card Company’s kiosk?


Q: When I visit Iran What kind of document I need to give for buying an Iran sim card?

A: As an international tourist for buying sim card you need to provide a copy of your passport.


Q: When I visit Iran can I use my cell phone in Iran?

A: Yes, you can use it, but maybe sometime you need to register if you stay in Iran for long time.


Q: When I buy a sim card its have balance and internet package with sim card?

A: It may have small amount of balance but not internet package with new sim card. For that you need to buy balance and internet package as per as your need.  


Q: From where I can buy credit to call or internet packages?

A: You can buy from super markets, mobile shops and sim card official shops.  


Q: What is call rates and internet package rates on Iran sim card?

A: Call rates and internet package rates can be different depends of service providers.  


Q: How I can check my balance and internet data information?

A: A small user guide comes with the sim card you can read the information about it there.


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