Iran tours

Due to the cultural and historical wealth, Iran receives a considerable number of tourists each year despite the fact that the media shows another Iran to those who follow them. Fortunately in the last few years Iran has become famous for being a desired destination for tourists from all over the world.

zandiyeh gasht as a Iran tour operator with more than a decade with experience in Iran tours, offers a wide variety of Iran tours, through which you'll discover every corner of Iran by having a pleasant trip to Iran.



Iran Cultural Tours

By zandiyeh gasht Iran tours, you won’t miss any of your favourite locations during your trip to Iran. By 5300 years of glorious historical record and embracing 21 UNESCO World Heritages, Iran is a true historical destination to visit. Through zandiyeh gasht historical tours you'll have the opportunity to visit the brilliant monuments of the former Persia.

If you are interested to find out the highlights of Iranian former civilization and architecture, just go through the historical tours. Our specialized Iran tour packages are made to make your trip to Iran a wonderful one to Iran.



Iran Adventure Tours

Iran is a four seasons country and composed by mountains, deserts and coasts and different climate during the 365 days of the year, where all adventure lovers can enjoy spending the time and have the opportunity to do the prefered activities. Our team is ready to offer the best Iran adventure tours, always considering the needs of the passengers to make their trip the one they need.

The most important Iran adventure tours are mostly the ones related to the desert and mountains, where the activities can vary for each area such as sand hiking, star watching, safari, camel riding & etc in the desert and mountain hiking and skiing in the mountain area. The Iranian coasts and Island in Persian Gulf are also one of the interesting areas for adventure lovers.

zandiyeh gasht is ready to receive your requests and offer you the best packages.



Iran Eco Tours

Iran Eco Tours are the best ones who want to visit the recommended areas and enjoy the connective and sustainable travel in Iran. The most important location for eco tourism in Iran are the deserts, forests, mountains, canyons and etc. You can send your inquiries to our Iran eco tours specialist and receive the best programs.



Iran Religious Tours

When we talk about the history of the religions, Iran is one the most important countries in the Middle East to pop up. Through our Iran religious tours you can explore Muslim, Christian and Zoroastrian holy sights.




zandiyeh gasht team always considers the especific need of the passengers who visit Iran. There are passengers who need to discover Iran by themselves or have limitation to visit each city. Our vision is to provide Iran daily tours to our passengers so they can enjoy their short stay or have the freedom to move from one city to another and take their time.



Iran Medical Tours

The expert doctors, modern hospitals, well-equiped labs, high quality healthcare centers with attractive costs have made Iran one the most famous countries in the region. The patients will enjoy their stay in Iran and have consultations and treatment with the best providing services. Iran Medial tours are required to be consulted before any planning as each patient would need a special care. Contact us and get the best offer for Iran Medical Tours.



Tailor Made Tours

Through the form below, you can provide us with the information about your interests and expectations as a trip which is going to be designed for you, exclusively. Don’t miss telling us every single matter which can make your trip more enjoyable. 



Mixed Tours

In addition to the mentioned tour types,every tours on our website can be mixed with each other. We are also honored to offer any tour within Iran along with tour in some neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Turkeministan. Our partners in these countries guarantee us to offer the best possible services to our clients.