Learn about Farsi language, the official language of Iran

Farsi as the oficial Iranian language and as one of the eloquent languages all around the world has had a great rule to make Iranians as unique as possible. The official language of Iran is Farsi while it is being taught and used throughout schools and official communications.

The more expanded ethnicities exist in a single country, the more various languages appear to be used in each specific geographical region; accordingly Iran by embracing more than 5 common unofficial languages is considered as the land of various languages.

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Different parts of live languages can be found in different parts of Iran with the following information:

Farsi, Gilaki and Mazandarani, Luri, Azerbaijani and other Turkic dialects, Kurdish, Arabic, Balochi and Tati (Talysh). 

Throughout the lovely Persian language many Arabic, English and French words are getting used, so it has proximity with the most common world’s languages.

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Characters of Persian language

Beside the mass of Persian language’s eloquence, it’s not that hard to be learned and used with the tourists and foreigners.

Here bellow you can find out about Farsi alphabets and the most used Farsi pharses:


Farsi Alphabets


Farsi script Farsi Pronunciation English Example
آ Alef Apple


Be Brazil
پ Pe Peru
ت Te Turkey
ث Se Spain
ج Jim Japan
چ Che China
ح He Haiti
خ Khe Khartoum
د Daal Denmark
ذ Zaal Zimbabwe
ر Re Russia
ز Ze Zanzibar
ژ Zhe or Je Plea'su're
س Seen Sweden
ش Sheen Shadow
ص Saad Swisss
ض Zaad Zambia
ط Taa Thailand
ظ Zaa Zagreb
ع Ein Emirates
غ Ghein R in French
ف Fe France
ق Ghaaf R in French
ک Kaaf Kenya
گ Gaaf Greece
ل Laam Lithuania
م Meem Malaysia
ن Noon Netherlands
و Vaav Vietnam
ه He Honduras
ی Ye Yemen



Farsi most common Pharses 

Here bellow you can find some survival pharses which are used a hunder times by local people:


Greetings in Farsi

English Farsi Pronunciation
Hi! سلام Salam
Good morning! صبح بخیر Sobh be kheyr!
Good afternoon! عصر بخیر Asr be kheyr!
Welcome! خوش آمدید Khosh amadid
How are you? حالت چطور است؟ Halet chetor ast?
I'm fine, thanks! من خوبم، ممنون Man khoobam, mamnoon!
And you? و شما؟ Va shoma?
You're welcome! خواهش می کنم Khahesh mikonam
Goodbye بدرود Bedrood


How to introduce yourself in Farsi

English Farsi Pronunciation
Do you speak English? آیا تو انگلیسی صحبت می کنی؟ Aya to Engelisi sohbat mikoni?
What's your name? اسم تو چیست؟ Esme to chist?
My name is Nicole. اسم من نیکول است Esme man Nicole ast.
I'm Nicole. من نیکول هستم Man Nicole hastam.
Nice to meet you! از دیدارت خوشحال شدم. Az didaret khoshhal shodam!
Where are you from? از کجا هستی؟ Az koja hasti?
I'm from France! من فرانسوی هستم Man faransavi hastam!
How old are you? چند سالت است؟ Chand salet hast?
I'm 23 years old من 23 سال دارم Man 23 saal daram


Numbers in Farsi

English Farsi Pronunciation
1 یک Yek
2 دو Do
3 سه Se
4 چهار Chahar
5 پنج Panj
6 شش Shesh
7 هفت Haft
8 هشت Hasht
9 نه Noh
10/20/30/40 ده/ بیست/ سی/ چهل Dah/ Bist/ See, Chehel
50/60/70/80 پنجاه/ شصت/ هفتاد/ هشتاد Panjah/ Shast/ Haftad/ Hashtad
90/100 نود/ صد Navad/ Sad
200/300/400 دویست/ سیصد/ چهارصد Devist/ Sisad/ Chaharsad
500/600/700 پانصد/ ششصد/ هفتصد Pansad/ Shessad/Haftsad
800/900/1000 هشتصد/ نهصد/ هزار Hashtsad/ Nohsad/ Hezar


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