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If mosques and ancient ruins aren’t enough to sate your touristic needs, Iran’s varied and dramatic landscapes offer the demanding traveler a wealth of awe-inspiring, unspoiled views to discover. High mountain ranges, arid deserts, evergreen forests, sandy beaches with the warm and pleasant weather, many tall waterfalls, caves, lakes, valleys, canyons and etc. Such diversity is a real monopolized character which has been influenced the touristic concept of Iran so severe.

Forget about traveling to different countries to experience different types of nature aspect, just plan for your trip to the land of wonders which will allow you to feel the glory of an extended unique nature of an antiquity territory.

Through brilliant Iran, as soon as make any decision of what to experience, the richest sources are available to be visited and explored. The evergreen forests which are located in the North of the country embraces many great and unique types of flora and fauna. Locating in the depth of these forests, many marvelous lakes and canyons are shining bright like a jewel and attracts many ventures who are seeking for somewhere with an unspoiled natural aspect. In addition to these scenery forests, road trips are considered as an exciting plan for your trip as the majority of the roads have been surrounded by beautiful forests. Tall waterfalls and penstocks are mentioned as another component which makes this area more and more appealing.

Green Persia

Green Persia

9 Days
From 499€

Day 1 Daily Activity Arrival to Tehran. You will be met and greeted at the airport and trans...